Grasping at Eternity by Karen Amanda Hooper

Grasping at Eternity (The Kindrily, #1)Title: Grasping at Eternity

Author: Karen Amanda Hooper

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date: May 25, 2012

Source: Netgalley

Format: ebook

Purchase: Amazon (Kindle or Paperback)



Leave it to Maryah Woodsen to break the one rule that will screw up eternity: Never erase your memories.

Before entering this life, Maryah did the unthinkable—she erased. Now, at seventeen years old, she’s clueless that her new adoptive family has known her for centuries, that they are perpetually reincarnated souls, and that they have supernatural abilities. Oh, and she’s supposed to love (not despise) Nathan, the green-eyed daredevil who saved her life.

Nathan is convinced his family’s plan to spark Maryah’s memory is hopeless, but his love for her is undying. After spending (and remembering) so many lifetimes together, being around an empty version of his soulmate is heart shattering. He hates acting like a stalker, but has no choice because the evil outcast who murdered Maryah in their last lifetime is still after her.

While Maryah’s hunter inches closer, she and Nathan make assumptions and hide secrets that rip them further apart. Maryah has to believe in the magic within her, Nathan must have faith in the power of their love, and both need to grasp onto the truth before they lose each other forever—and discover just how lonely eternity can be.

X-MEN meets MY NAME IS MEMORY in Karen Amanda Hooper’s latest young adult release.


I can say that my reading preference is pretty diverse. I always make it a point to try new things. The Fantasy genre has a broad scope. I love how it can take you to different worlds, see the world through a different point of view. I always love reading fantasy books, I feel like each book is a different parallel dimension I can escape to when my own world gets too boring. And this book didn’t fail to give me that escapism I always crave.

I wanted to punch a hole in the sky, rip it wide open, and fly out of this world and into a magical one.

Although Grasping at Eternity is set in a pretty much normal modern world, the characters in this book are centuries-old. The characters in this book can be reincarnated and they can choose whether to retain their memories from their past lives or to erase them entirely. Each person also has a soulmate—a person whom they will love and will love them across different lifetimes. Oh and they have some special powers and some bad guys to battle too!

I love the whole soulmate thing reincarnation idea. Sometimes I think what if we really are reincarnations of our past selves and we have soulmates just waiting for us to find? Religion-wise, I do not believe in reincarnation but I do believe we all have soulmates—that one person destined for us to love and be with in this lifetime.

“If you love someone, put their name in a circle; because hearts can be broken but circles never end.”

Maryah is one of those special people who can choose to retain or erase their memories when they are reborn. She and her kindrily—her eternal family—agreed they will not erase their memories but for some reason she did. When she was reborn, she didn’t have any idea about her past life or who her soulmate is. And the worst part is that she hateshis guts. But it was really cute when she thought he was her angel of death.

Would an angel of death poison my tea? Brutal attack, raging fire, tea: one of these didn’t belong.

Nathaniel—her soulmate—on the other hand is set to win her back even though she doesn’t remember him. I imagine it’s hard when the person who means the world to you doesn’t remember you. At one point, I really thought they were not going to get back together but love moves in mysterious ways and the calling of your soulmate is just too powerful to ignore.

All in all, Grasping at Eternity was very fun to read, if you’re feeling pessimistic about love (*cough* like me at the moment *cough*) this book will make you believe in the power of love and the promise of finding The One. And obviously, I’m pretty excited to read the second book to the series.


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