The Struggles Of A Voracious Reader

the struggles of a voracious readerReading isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. We don’t just sit around and sip tea while we bury our noses in a great book (although we sure love doing that), we have struggles too! Today I’m going to give you the five common struggles of a bookworm everyone can relate to.

Waiting forever for the sequel

Waiting for the sequel could go anywhere from a few months to infinity. You promise yourself you won’t read another book in a series but you fail every time because practically every book out there is part of a series. And those gorgeous covers just rope you in, so you give in and regret it later when you’re DYING to read the sequel. Welcome to the life of a reader, my friend.

waiting forever gif

You’re never ready to read the last book in a series

The whole series started with a great beginning, heightens to an exciting climax and now it’s coming to an end. It’s exciting to see how the story wraps up but it’s also scary as hell. I’m known to be all excite to get my hands on the last book in a series only to put off reading it until the book’s pages turn yellow.

my body is not ready gif

And as we all know, the last book is where most of the character deaths occur which brings me to the next point…

Your heart breaks when your favorite characters die

Non-reading muggles say not to make a huge deal out of it, they’re just a bunch of imaginary people, BUT YOU KNOW BETTER.

Isn’t this the worst? You love these characters will all your heart but they can be taken away from you with just a few words. Oh, the powers an author wields. I’m looking at you JK Rowling, George R. R. Martin, and Veronica Roth.

dying characters

Not having enough space to store your books

Unless you live in a freaking mansion with your very own private library, you have worried where you’ll put your beloved books because your shelves are full. And you’re secretly worrying your shelves will topple over you and bury you in an avalanche of books. Avalanche of books? That doesn’t sound too bad, well, unless they crush you to death, that is.


Being broke from grabbing all the books in a bookstore

You’ve tried walking into a bookstore and promise yourself you’re just going to buy one or two books but you end up with 23068 books at the checkout counter. Your spending reading  problem has gotten so bad that sometimes you dream  of becoming a billionaire just so you can buy all the books that you want. Or becoming the heiress to a chain of bookstores so you don’t have to worry about running out of books to read. Being a bookaholic shopaholic isn’t easy on the wallet.

broke friend

What are your struggles as a voracious reader? Got anything to add to the list?

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