Cover Connoisseur: Life in a Rut, Love Not Included by J.D. Holyfield

cover connouiseur


Cover Connoisseur is a feature at Books Keep Me Sane which aims to recognize books with pretty and interesting covers. Because let’s face it, we totally judge a book by its cover.

Last June 1 I announced that I will be having a new feature on the blog called Cover Connoisseur and here’s the first post. I hope you like it!

cover connoisseur life in a rut love not included

I haven’t read the book but the cover really caught my attention. Here are the things that stood out for me:

Pretty Gold Shoes— I have a weakness for book covers with any fashion pieces on them (i.e. dresses, shoes) and these stilettos are absolutely gorgeous! I love its gold color and I think the sharp heel will come in handy in self-defense when a jerk harasses you. 😀

Swirls – I love the swirls that accent the corners of the cover. I like seeing swirls in book covers and as you can see in my blog’s current header I incorporated swirls with the typography. They liven up the whole design of the cover and also added more feminine vibe to it.

Cute Fonts— I love the combination of the serif and sans serif fonts. I also like the pink-and-gray combination of the font color. Pink is one of my favorite color and it looks absolutely stunning paired with gray or black.

The Palette – I enjoyed making the color pallet of this book! I like the two shades of pink the most. The lemony yellow hue also adds a pop of color and liveliness in the pallet.

The cover has a really chic, cute and feminine vibe to it. It screams “chick-lit” to me and the background’s “creamy” hue adds softness to the picture. There aren’t that much element in the cover itself but it is still very unique and memorable.

What did you like about the cover of the book? Did you like the color palette?