#VTRinPH Book Signing Event + Signed Giveaway

NBS signing books keep me sane vtrinph It is always a big thing when an international author visits the Philippines. But when not just one, not two but three New York Times best selling authors visit the Philippines, it is a huge event! More than 2000 people flocked the Glorietta Activity Center last April 26 for the #VTRinPH Book Signing event. It was my very first time attending a book signing event for international authors and I was so excited. There was a Bloggers Forum prior to the public book signing but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend that event. I arrived at around 8 in the morning and there were already lots of people waiting in line for the registration. When I got my signing pass I was number 334. There wasn’t much to do but wait until the event started. So wait I did.

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