Review Policy

Hiya! I’m always interested in reading and discovering new books, feel free to message me if you want me to review your books. My review will be 100% honest. Free copy, ARCs, galleys, etc will not guarantee a positive review although I will be as constructive in my criticism as possible.

I do

  • author interviews
  • blogger interviews
  • guest posts
  • blog tours
  • giveaways

Review copies I will accept

  • finished copy
  • ARC
  • Ebook/ eARC (pdf or epub format)
  • galley
  • bound book

Please note that I will NEVER sell ARCs, galleys etc I received for free

Genres I review:

  • Fantasy
  • Romance (i.e. historical romance, dark romance etc)
  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
  • Humor
  • Middle Grade/ Upper Middle Grade
  • self-published
  • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
  • Chick Lit

Genres I do not review:

  • Slasher
  • Horror
  • Non-fiction

What you’ll find in my review post:

  • Rating
  • Honest Review
  • Book cover
  • Synopsis/Summary/Blurb
  • Title
  • Author
  • Release Date
  • Source
  • Format
  • Purchase or pre order links

Note: If there’s a specific date you want me to post my review, please indicate upfront. Also, please provide the purchase/pre order link of the book and the author info/bio along with a picture (if applicable) and social network accounts.

Where would I post my review:

  • Goodreads
  • This blog

What to include when you email me:

  • Synopsis/Blurb
  • Excerpt (so that I can get a feel for the writing)
  • Title and Author of the book

Note: I am based in the Philippines. If everything is okay then feel free to fill out the form below. I will try to respond to your email as soon as I can.

I read every comment you make and I will try to respond to each of them

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