The Struggles Of A Voracious Reader

the struggles of a voracious readerReading isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. We don’t just sit around and sip tea while we bury our noses in a great book (although we sure love doing that), we have struggles too! Today I’m going to give you the five common struggles of a bookworm everyone can relate to.

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Is This The End Of My Blogging Days?

end of
I’ve always been a free spirit, always searching for the next great adventure. When I am in pursuit of a new escapade I never look back.

Before blogging on Books Keep Me Sane I was on Tumblr for four years. I did enjoy the four years I was on Tumblr but one day I got tired of it all and I felt like I wanted to try my hands on something new. I was tired of ranting on Tumblr about myself, because honestly, my life’s pretty boring, it just revolves around one thing— reading. Continue reading

When You Just Want Everything To End


Whenever I’m upset or feeling too many extreme emotions all at once, I stay away from social media. A lot of people are comfortable about venting their feelings, sharing their thoughts and ranting on social media. But I don’t. I don’t generally tweet much about myself— most of my tweets are about books, my blog and the things/ fandoms that I love. I can’t remember the last time I uploaded my own picture on Facebook. My Instagram is now dead. In short, I’m not so social on social media.

But today I’m making an exception. I will share exactly what is on my mind.

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19 Things I Learned in My 19 Years on Earth

19things i learned in my 19 years on earth

I don’t know about you but I like watching the clock strike twelve midnight on my birthday. So last night I stayed up late and did just that. I’m officially 19 and oh boy I’m getting old. It’s not entirely a bad thing, in fact I always look forward to my birthday because it means another year of being alive, it’s a blessing. (I know, cheesy, right?)

So then I thought about the things in life I’ve learned so far and challenged myself to think of nineteen! And now here they are.

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When You Are Not Who You Say You Are

ramblings keep me sane

When I started this blog my focus was on book reviews but now that it has grown, I want to share some stuff other than book reviews. Ramblings Keep Me sane is essentially about, well, ramblings. It could be book-related ramblings… or not. It’ll be like a discussion post where readers can share their opinion about anything under the sun.

When You Are Not Who You Say You Are

A lot of bat-shit crazy things have happened in the book blogging community and while I really wanted to comment on those issues in the past, I didn’t because, honestly, I don’t have the time to wade in the drama. kingsley gif That said, on 18th of October, Kathleen Hale, the author of No One Else Can Have You, wrote an article on The Guardian about how she stalked a book blogger. Continue reading