REVIEW: Mildred’s Resistance (The Network Series #0.5) by Katie Cross

mildred's resistance books keep me saneTitle: Mildred’s Resistance (The Network Series #0.5)

Author: Katie Cross

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date: July 15th 2015

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Absolute Power Corrupts Even the Best of Friends.
Mildred Graeme is a witch that knows what it’s like to fail. She loathes small talk, struggles with magic, and grew up wretchedly poor. What’s easy for her best friend Evelyn, a wealthy, powerful socialite, is difficult for Mildred.

The two lifelong friends reunite at Chatham Castle where they fight together for the dream of a better world. Mildred wants to save the Network from political elitism, while Evelyn encourages it. When Evelyn gains power and threatens to obliterate the Network, Mildred realizes that she must overcome her fear of failure to save the lives of those she loves, even if it means betraying her best friend.

Mildred’s Resistance is the prequel to The Network Series and a gripping tale of intrigue, betrayal, and unexpected romance that defies all odds to rise above the ghosts of failure.

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The Network Series never cease to amaze me. The series gets better and better with each book. For a long time I’ve wondered what happened during the Dark Ages of the Central Network when Evelyn became the High Priestess. Not much was revealed in the first two books in the series and I was really intrigued. I’m glad that Cross wrote a prequel and explained all about the history of the Central Network.

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