How to Rock Valentine’s Day Even if You’re Single

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How to Rock Valentine’s Day Even if You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday—only if you have a boyfriend to spend it with, right? Nope. There sure are a lot of reasons to celebrate Valentine’s, it is not always about your partner in romance. You can still enjoy it even if you’re single. Here, I’ll show you how.

1. Spend the day in indoors wearing your cutest or sexiest pajamas! – Who said you can’t stay at home on V-day and still look fabulous? And just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t wear that lacy lingerie stashed at the back of your closet either. So go ahead, grab those, stay at home and read a book or two while the rest of the world is going gaga over V-day.

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Use this time to spend with your family— Valentine’s is all about love and no one loves us as much as our family. Why not spend this special day with them. You can plan a mini Valentine’s Party or eat out at your favorite restaurant. Nothing is more heartwarming than being with the people who you know will always love you unconditionally. In elementary, when February 14 comes we spend the day making Valentine’s cards and give them to our parents. It’s always been a tradition in our school. It would be nice to take this time of the year to show your folks just how much you love them.Homemade Valentine card with heart mazeHave a rockin’ Feb 14th with The One— You’re positive your soul mate will one day come for you and sweep you off your feet but whilst waiting for him, why not spend this very special day with that one person who you love the most and is able to put a smile on your face even on the bleakest of days—your soul sister! Have a baking session with her or shop and shop until you drop.

In high school my best friend, Queenie and I bought roses for each other! There’s no sense moping around on V-day if you have an awesome best friend!

Have a movie marathon – Guys always make fun of girls for crying over sappy chick flicks. But who cares? We love ‘em! So grab your copy of The Notebook or She’s the Man and a bucket of popcorn and ogle at Channing Tatum’s abs for swoon at Ryan Gosling’s hotness. It’s totally excusable because it’s Valentine’s Day!

Get artsy – There are so many Valentine’s Day art projects you can do. If you’re feeling artsy why not try making anything cute and red like heart-shaped bacon or red velvet cake. Or decorate your room with heart garland or make cute pop-up cards!

Valentine's day is coming up and that means turning food you already love into heart shapes.  Plenty of ideas here.Popup pixel valentines card 2013