Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey

Shine Not BurnTitle: Shine not Burn

Author: Elle Casey

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 1st 2013

Source: won

Format: ebook

Purchase: Amazon (Paperback or Kindle)




I can’t be held responsible. Things that happen there are supposed to stay there, right? Right? Yeeeah. Not so much.

Andie’s just days away from tying the knot, but there’s just ooooone little glitch. Apparently, she’s already married. Or someone with her name is married to a guy out in Oregon of all places, and the courthouse won’t issue her a marriage license until it’s all cleared up. Tripping her way through cow pies and country songs to meet up with a man who gets around places on horseback is her very last idea of how to have a good time, but if she’s going to get married, make partner at the firm, and have two point five kids before she’s thirty-five, she needs to get to the bottom of this snafu and fix it quick … before her fiance finds out and everything she’s been working toward goes up in flames.


I am a city girl at heart, I love the fast pace of city life, I’ve lived all my life in big cities but for some reason I just love cowboys. It’s probably because they’re not common from where I came from and come on, who doesn’t want to behold a majestic man riding an equally majestic beast?

I had doubts before I started reading this book, it’s been sitting on my TBR pile for quite some time before I finally got to pick it up. According to the blogosphere, this book is funny as hell. And I have a soft spot for romantic comedy and cowboys so how can I pass this up?

True to its word, the book had my sides in stitches.

“How could I forget?” I asked, smiling too. Misery loves company. “Bruno, the one-balled wonder.”

“Hey, he can’t help it that he’s missing a testicle,” said Kelly, trying really hard to be offended but not quite hitting the mark.

“Uh, yeah he can, when he’s the one who made it fall off,” said Candice, snorting.

Andie has a lifeplan. A set of goals she wants to achieve at a specific time in her life, she’s been religiously following it since she was fifteen. When Andie and her best friends went to Vegas for the weekend for a bachelorette party, she decided to live and let loose for just one night. It may not be in her lifeplan but what could possibly go wrong in a single night of gambling, flirting, kissing and sleeping with a complete stranger? Nothing, she thought. Until she found out some years later how wrong she was.

The story is told in Andie’s point of view and I really love getting into her mind. She has a somewhat dark and sad past but the book didn’t dwell much on that. I find her somewhat uptight sometimes, which annoys me. That lifeplan of hers annoy me too. Who on earth writes a script of their life? But I totally understand the reason for it. She’s an independent woman, a trait of her which I really like, but when it comes to men, she becomes a doormat which makes me feel sad for her.

My favorite Andie moment was when she thought she was chased by snakes, that was really funny. You should totally look forward to that. The book is, needless to say, very romantic and sweet, It maintained a rom-com vibe until the end. My only regret is I didn’t read it sooner. If light, hilarious and romantic read is what you’re looking for, you wouldn’t want to miss this book.


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