The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Fever

ramblings keep me sane


When I started this blog my focus was on book reviews but now that it has grown, I want to share some stuff other than book reviews. Ramblings Keep Me sane is essentially about, well, ramblings. It could be book-related ramblings… or not. It’ll be like a discussion post where readers can share their opinion about anything under the sun.

I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games trilogy and the Hunger Games movie. Today, November 21 is the release date of Catching Fire in the Philippines! I’m sure there will be a long cue at the cinemas as we speak. I dislike long cues and lots of people so I often don’t watch a movie on its first day of screening.

In other countries Catching Fire has already been released, as for the US it will be released tomorrow, November 22.

Have you watched Catching Fire yet? What are your thoughts about the movie?