MINI REVIEW: Against the Wall (Against the Wall #1) by Julie Prestsater

Against the Wall (Against the Wall, #1)Title: Against the Wall

Author: Julie Prestsater

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 20th 2012

Purchase: Amazon (Kindle or Paperback)



Shelly Gelson had it all…a job teaching English at Carver High, her best friend Mel working by her side, and she’s engaged to her high school sweetheart Chase Marino. That is until Chase breaks her heart and leaves her for another teacher at the school. Now Shel is left broken hearted and trying to figure out what she wants while watching Chase and the home wrecker make moon eyes at each other.

Enter Matt Fuller, Shel’s friend for the past 5 years and the perfect rebound. He’s gorgeous, smart, funny and fits into Shel’s idea of the right guy. Only problem is there may be more there than just a simple rebound. Is it a way to fill a void left by Chase, or is there more smoldering between these two friends?

Find out what happens when the bell rings and the teenage drama ends and the adult drama begins. Who says being a teacher is boring? They obviously haven’t met the teachers at Carver High.

This book is Rated R for adult content.
Sex: Yes!
Profanity: Hell yeah.
Booze: That too.


We’re used to the notion that teachers are like angels. They’d reprimand us when we cuss, always urge us to do good in school, they’re the people we ask for help and advise. But in truth, they are not angels, they are humans too.

We’re teachers, not nuns and priests. No vow of celibacy here

I think what makes Against the Wall a memorable read is the humor combined with romance. I am such a sucker for romantic comedy. It’s my weakness! And of course, SheL and Mel are such smartmouths. What makes me love them both so much is that they’re both teachers but they cuss like sailors. And they’re both so witty too.
I also find it interesting that the main characters is an expert. I have never encountered a woman who’s so into beer, so much so that she won’t date a guy if his beer preference is Honey Blonde. Now, don’t ask me how Honey Blonde tastes, I’m not into beer! But I learned a thing or two about beer because of this novel.
I fell in love with this book right from page one. It was such a delight to read. If you’re into rom-com New Adult books, you gotta read this!

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