REVIEW: Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher #15) by Lee Child

worth dying for books keep me sane jack reacherTitle: Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher #15)

Author: Lee Child

Genre: Crime Fiction

Release Date: March 3rd 2011

Purchase: Amazon (KindlePaperback)

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Jack Reacher arrives in Nebraska, having survived the events of 61 Hours, when he runs afoul of a local family with a stranglehold over the county and skeletons in their closet. An unsolved murder in the area from a quarter-of-a-century before draws Reacher into the business of everyone in the area.

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This is my third Jack Reacher book and I must confess that after reading the first and second book I skipped to the fifteenth book. There’s no particular reason for doing this, I just felt like it. The Jack Reacher series has been around for a long time now and it’s become a household name in the mystery/thriller genre. I wanted to see how much Lee Child’s writing changed over the years.

What I liked about the book

  • Jack Reacher himself — Reacher is like the love child of Superman and Sherlock Holmes. While he doesn’t have super powers, he is a very skilled man. He can be creative in killing someone, but he’s guided by a strong moral principle like Superman. He shows great deductive skills, too! He manages to solve a case not even the FBI and the county police could. If that’s not awesome then I don’t know what is.
  • The consistency of the character — When you’ve written a lot of books about a character it becomes hard to keep up with them and stay true to their personality. I am very pleased to say that after penning a whole bunch of Reacher novels Lee Child stays true to Reacher’s voice. He’s the same ruthless enemy yet dependable ally that I like since the first book in the series.
  • The decade-old unsolved disappearance of a little girl — There’s something about old and unsolved mysteries that intrigues me. What confounded the investigators and left the mystery unsolved? Whatever happened to the victim all these years? What clues were present now that weren’t there before? The intrigue is so strong and the questions just keeps coming.
  • It’s more than meets the eye — With Lee Child, what it seems may not be what it really is. What is simply Reacher being stranded in a town out in the middle of nowhere somehow snowballs into, well, it’d be spoiler if I told you, no? Just read the book, love. *wink wink*

What I didn’t like about the book

  • Nothing! I think the book is perfect! I loved every second reading it, which says a lot because the book was very thick!


Lee Child never disappoints me. This is certainly not the last Reacher novel that I will read. Also, I love how each book can be read as a standalone novel so you can just jump in the series anytime without having to read from the first book to understand the series as a whole. If you’re into crime fiction, chances are you’ve already read one (or two or three or all) of the Jack Reacher novels, but if you haven’t then what are you waiting for?

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher #15) by Lee Child

  1. I saw Lee Child earlier this year when I attended BEA but I’ve never been able to read his books, which I now regret. Jack Reacher sounds like a great character with a great story! So glad to hear you enjoyed this one!

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