Is This The End Of My Blogging Days?

end of
I’ve always been a free spirit, always searching for the next great adventure. When I am in pursuit of a new escapade I never look back.

Before blogging on Books Keep Me Sane I was on Tumblr for four years. I did enjoy the four years I was on Tumblr but one day I got tired of it all and I felt like I wanted to try my hands on something new. I was tired of ranting on Tumblr about myself, because honestly, my life’s pretty boring, it just revolves around one thing— reading.

Light bulb moment! That’s it, I was going to blog about books! And the rest was history.

For months now I’ve been posting stuff on the blog on a rather sporadic manner. There are days when I want to write one or two book reviews, but most times I don’t even want open my blog. Even responding to comments felt like a chore. I was bored with blogging. Then I stumbled upon this post from Emily’s Reading Room and it got me thinking: Is this the end?

I wanted to blog about books because I wanted to share my favorite reads. The book blogging community was great and very supportive too. Emily was right in her post, you might not be blogging forever so enjoy it while it lasts. I enjoyed my two years here but I’m not sure if I want to continue anymore.

What’s new on the horizon

I must admit that blogging is no longer my priority because I’m currently working on having several of my manuscripts published both traditionally and independently. But fret not! The operative word here is not sure. Even though I’m not posting as much anymore I don’t want to leave Books Keep Me Sane just yet. I was thinking of overhauling the blog. Maybe I should post less book reviews and more discussion posts? I was also thinking of documenting my writing and publishing journey here.

I feel like I’ve locked myself up in a cage and I want to break free from the usual bookish memes and review posts. Along the way I forgot the most important part of doing this— having fun! But I am determined to change that. I want something new. Maybe I should also post non-bookish stuff sometimes?

One thing is for sure, I want change. I’m bored and tired of the same old same old. I am in pursuit of the next great adventure.Im ready game of thrones gif

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