REVIEW: Mildred’s Resistance (The Network Series #0.5) by Katie Cross

mildred's resistance books keep me saneTitle: Mildred’s Resistance (The Network Series #0.5)

Author: Katie Cross

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release Date: July 15th 2015

Purchase: Amazon (KindlePaperback)

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Absolute Power Corrupts Even the Best of Friends.
Mildred Graeme is a witch that knows what it’s like to fail. She loathes small talk, struggles with magic, and grew up wretchedly poor. What’s easy for her best friend Evelyn, a wealthy, powerful socialite, is difficult for Mildred.

The two lifelong friends reunite at Chatham Castle where they fight together for the dream of a better world. Mildred wants to save the Network from political elitism, while Evelyn encourages it. When Evelyn gains power and threatens to obliterate the Network, Mildred realizes that she must overcome her fear of failure to save the lives of those she loves, even if it means betraying her best friend.

Mildred’s Resistance is the prequel to The Network Series and a gripping tale of intrigue, betrayal, and unexpected romance that defies all odds to rise above the ghosts of failure.

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The Network Series never cease to amaze me. The series gets better and better with each book. For a long time I’ve wondered what happened during the Dark Ages of the Central Network when Evelyn became the High Priestess. Not much was revealed in the first two books in the series and I was really intrigued. I’m glad that Cross wrote a prequel and explained all about the history of the Central Network.

Firstly, I’ve liked Mildred even before this book but I don’t know much about her. She seems very caring and maternal to Bianca, not to mention that she’s a great leader. But it was in this book that I really loved her. Growing up, Mildred wasn’t so stellar. She grew up in an abusive home, she was poor, but she had a lot of aspirations and she never let anything bring her down. She was always focused, motivated and brave. She’s also a very loyal friend to Stella and Evelyn. All her life she wanted to change the world, to make a difference. And the only way she thinks she can do it is to delve into politics. She wants to be a great leader with a conscience so it’s against her principles to participate in corruption and abuse of power.

Evelyn has the same goal as Mildred, she wants to be a High Priestess and change the Network for the better. She lost both her parents at an early age and was adopted by the current High Priestess. She grew up having everything money could buy. She was used to being given everything she asked. When she started attending Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, she became very close to May. Under May’s wing, she developed these Elitists ideals.

Everyone in the Network hated Evelyn and her crimes but no one knew about her side of the story… until this book came along. It was easy to hate Evelyn based on all the crimes she did but no one knew her side of the story. I believe, with all my heart, that Evelyn wasn’t entirely a bad person. Her intentions for the Network was good, however her ways and beliefs were flawed and that ultimately brought upon the end of her rule.

It was so sad seeing their friendship fall apart. But it had to be done. They’ve grown apart and I really admire how brave Mildred was for going against Evelyn, her best friend, because she knew Evelyn had to be stopped. I also admired Mildred for being brave and selfless enough to sacrifice her life and her love for the sake of the Network. She’s just so perfectly imperfect I love her.

I really love Mildred’s Resistance and I think this is my favorite Network book so far.

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