MINI REVIEW: Anything You Want Me To by Audrine Pascal

CoverTitle: Anything You Want Me To

Author: Audrine Pascal

Genre: YA Contemporary

Release Date: —

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Oh, Via. Such in a hurry to have a boyfriend. Now look who got dumped on social media, just before the epic party happening tonight. So why is she hanging out with Franco Castañer? It’s all good – Via’s always been immune to all that yummy goodness, him being her best friend’s brother and all. But is Franco actually being flirty? Or is she just reading too much into this? How exactly do you decode the species they call boy? Vodka shot, anyone?

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This is a tricky book to review. I can’t figure out my feelings towards it. At first I was hesitant to read it but I came to love it.

Via is not your typical YA heroine. She’s not shy or dorky like the typical YA character. She’s one of the cool girls, the kind of girl that’s part of the Queen Bee’s posse in school. Her attitude makes it hard to like her. I find her to be too whiny. But as the story progresses she realizes her faults and tries to make amends. There is also a reason for her whiny attitude. Even if she starts being whiny and all, the author shows us that there are things that make her likable. She was flaws and weaknesses too, which makes her relatable and believable.

I’m generally not into insta-love but with the plot of the book it can’t be helped. I find it sweet that Franco, the love interest, has always been attracted to Via this whole time and it was only in this party that he was able to tell her. He also made her realize her faults and made her a better person. It’s also a plus points that he’s oh so hot and crushable!

Overall, I think it’s a great short story. I just wish the story was longer because there was so much more that the author could have expounded and explored. The ending is really sweet too. I’m glad that Via learned her lesson.

Holding hands is the closest contact we’ve had since the party, so this sudden show of affection catches Franco completely off guard. In fairness to him, he did stay true to his word. We took it slow. We spent time together. We got to know each other more than being merely connected by Inez.

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