MINI REVIEW: After The Moment by Six delos Reyes

buqoYA-1Title: After The Moment

Author: Six delos Reyes

Genre: YA Contemporary

Release Date: —

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Under the most normal of circumstances, Aria de Luna could never imagine herself kissing the boy she has always considered to be miles and miles out of her league. She’s known as their year’s resident emo-girl and she plays the part flawlessly with her violet hair, scuffed boots, and her alleged angst from living under the shadow of her over-achieving, perfect, older sister. Meanwhile, Kristoffer Li is living the perfect life. He’s popular, next year’s captain of the basketball team, attractive, if maybe a little too frowny for people’s liking, but he looks very pretty on a chocolate-milk drink carton.
So it is only under the most unusual circumstance that Kris shows up at the Arts and Culture Festival Aria has been looking forward to all year. But does a morning of awkward conversations, an afternoon of provoking discussions, and a moment under the moonlight really change three years of oblivious coexistence? Or will everything go back to the way it was after the moment?

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Aria de Luna always felt like she didn’t belong in her school. They ignored her so she didn’t waste time socializing with them either. So when Kris Li, the very cute and uber tall basketball varsity started pestering her at the Arts and Culture festival, she was annoyed and honestly, she didn’t know what to make of his sudden interest in her.

After the Moment was such a great read. It was a light read meant to instill joy and fluff. I like Aria a lot. She’s so quirky and unique. Her violet hair and viola skills make her a very lovable character. I can also relate to her wariness and insecurities.

Kris was also endearing. To some people— and to Aria— he comes across as stalker-ish with his peskiness, but really, it’s so cute how he follows her around. The whole time I was reading it there was a smile on my lips. This is the kind of book that makes you want to believe in young love. It also makes me wish there’s an Arts and Cultural Festival near me where I can watch a ballet and orchestra performance.

Even though I think that the story left them in a rather good place, I still want to see more of Kris and Aria. I want to know what happens to them next. I guess the only hiccup I found was that the story was too short. Still, the author managed to capture my attention and leave a lasting impression in me even in such a short story.

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