Happy Holidays! Ho-Ho-Ho!

christmas pic

I’m writing this tonight, 24th of December– Christmas eve,(thanks for post scheduling!) but by the time you read this I’m probably already asleep, pigging out on Noche Buena or curled up with a great book, taking advantage of all the free time during the holidays.

harry potter christmas eve gif


I will be announcing the winner of the A Very YA Christmas giveaway on Christmas Day so be sure to check your email inbox.

Our family is not really big on Christmas celebrations and it will be a simple and quiet celebration for us, but that’s okay for me, what matters is that I am with the people I love (and books too)!

Wherever you are right now, I hope you are having a great time! I will probably take a break from the blog for a few days but I still have a lot of posts I want to go up before the year ends… so we’ll see.

I guess that’s it… I just want to great you all and thank you for reading my blog!

Before I go, here are some cute and awesome pics to get you in the holiday mood.

harry potter xmas gif xmas 1 xmas 2 xmas 3 xmas 4 xmas 5 xmas 6



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