NaNoWriMo News: The Lowdown on the Second Week

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NanoWriMo News is a feature in Books Keep Me Sane that will give you updates and news about Farzy’s lexical bout in the name of novel-writing throughout November.

The Lowdown on the Second Week

Hello my dear readers and welcome another edition of NaNoWriMo News. Today marks the start of the third week of this noble writing crusade. But before I dive into the third week of Nano, here is the lowdown of my second week of NaNoWriMo:

I am pretty sure my novel sucks

When I started this writing journey I promised myself that I will not be editing my novel as I write. What I do is make a new Word document file for each day.

nanowrimo day to day update

Every day I write in a blank document file and then I upload it to Google Drive for safekeeping. I only allow myself to edit or spellcheck the document I am working on on that day but I do not ever edit or spellcheck yesterday’s document.

edna gif

accumulated.docx is where I compile all the content from day 1, I do this because it is easier to validate my daily word count in this way. It is so much easier to copy a whole document and paste it on the validator rather than opening multiple files and copying and pasting each file.

Word Count Dilemma

I find it annoying that the MS word count and the Nano validator are not always in sync in counting words. MS Word might say I have already written 10,000 words but the Nano validator would say I only had 9,980+ words. I did a little Googling and it seems that MS Word and the Nano validator have different counting algorithms which causes this unfortunate issue. At the end of the day I still follow MS Word. The validator only subtracts a couple of words (maybe 10+ words but no more than 20) which is fine but I would go insane if Word says I wrote 1,000 words and the validator says I only wrote 800+. It has happened to some participants before where the discrepancy of words went to as many as 10,000.

What Happens After November

There was a forum topic regarding whether the participants would like to submit their work to a publisher. Of course I said yes. What other reason would I have for participating in NaNoWriMo? It’s been my dream to be a published writer ever since I was thirteen!

I already have plans when December comes (i.e. when to start editing my manuscript, which publishers to submit my work to) but I don’t want to share the in-depth details yet because then it would be really disappointing to share my “battle plan” only to fail to win NaNoWriMo. I am not the kind of person who crosses the bridge when I get there, I always have a plan, or at least an idea of what I am about to do before I do it.

When You Thought You Already Know Where Your Story is Headed

I really admire those writers who outlines and can plan the course of their story from start to finish. That is not the case with me, the characters always run amok and ruin the plot in my head. But that’s okay, I feel like I am getting to know my characters more this way. It’s one of my favorite parts of writing.

writer leopard

Screw Chronological Order of Events

Because of my self-imposed rule of not editing my manuscript, my novel has become a mess. In Chapter X I was writing about Character A’s falling out with Character B and then in the next chapter I am writing about how they first met. The ideas do not come in chronological order so I just write whatever I come up with and then arrange the sequence of the scenes in the revision stage. Is this normal? Do authors normally write whatever they come up first and then make sense out of the mess later?

writer leopard 3

I’m Running Out of Steam

The excitement of the first week has dwindled a bit and I am starting to feel he exhaustion of staying up until three in the morning only to wake up at seven or eight in the morning every freaking day. Coffee can only do so much.

This is also the part of the story where the doubt starts to creep in. I have been in this part before, when faced with the choice of carrying on with the story or going back to the starting line, I used to choose the latter and give up on the story halfway through it but not this time. I have a manuscript to finish and a purple bar to get. And it’s tiring to make excuses. I realized that if I want to be bona fide novelist, I have to actually finish a story.

How’s your second week of NaNoWriMo?

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo News: The Lowdown on the Second Week

  1. Oof, I definitely felt the second week of NaNo, also known as Hell Week. Now I know why. I didn’t write for four days straight, and now I still have trouble getting to the daily word goal. My buffer is completely gone. I love my story, but I really need to force myself to write.

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