REVIEW: Doe Eyes (Good Gods #3) by Staci Hart

doe eyes books keep me saneTitle: Doe Eyes (Good Gods #3)

Author: Staci Hart

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Release Date:  July 24th 2014

Purchase: Amazon (Kindle or Paperback)



Aphrodite knows better than anyone how the heart works. Just don’t ask her to figure out her own.

She’s been away from Olympus for weeks, which wasn’t near long enough for her to move on from everything that happened, to get past the betrayal and loss. She has no idea what she’s walking into when she gets back other than a new competition, this time against Artemis. The goddesses have never been friends, but now they have more in common than ever, though they’d rather face eat ambrosia straight than admit it.

Artemis can’t help but be smug. Her player, Josie, is a private investigator who’s lost more than she’s won. Every waking moment is consumed by her fire to catch the man who killed her partner, and when Jon comes back into town after leaving her without a word, it’s more than she can handle. She’ll never let him in. Not again.

But Jon only did what he thought was right, and he’ll do anything he can, give her everything he has to give to prove that he can be trusted with her heart again.

With Adonis gone and the threat of Ares around every corner, Aphrodite’s past presses on her, leaving her more alone than she’s ever been. She can’t help wondering if she’ll ever escape, and how much pain she’ll endure before the whole ordeal is behind her.


I love crime fiction and I also love romance and Doe Eyes has both! So far this is my favorite book in the Good Gods series.

Josie felt devasted and betrayed when she found out her boyfriend ran away with his pregnant ex. And not long after that she found her bestfriend raped and murdered in their apartment. The worst part is Josie did know who murdered her bestfriend, she just couldn’t prove it. Josie did her best to gather evidence but couldn’t find any, until Jon, her ex, came back into her life and offered to help her in her investigation. Can Josie put the past behind and accept Jon’s help?

Aphrodite is also facing a huge dilemma. She lost both of her lovers. Adonis has turned his back against her and Ares lied and betrayed her. The other Olympian gods are gossiping around her and she dreads the moment she would come face to face with Ares again and it would come, eventually. She couldn’t seem to focus on the Games, will she still manage to win this time?

I have eagerly waited for this. Good Gods series is one of my most favorite new adult books! I was so excited to read Doe Eyes and I had high expectations, fortunately, the book didn’t disappoint me. The book had a mix of romance and crime fiction in it. It also felt really creepy to read in the point of view of a serial killer. Kudos to Hart for creating a villain that is so creepy and morbid yet very interesting at the same time. Corey Rhodes finds twisted satisfaction in raping and strangling women to death, he is very precise and careful in his methods. So precise that he went on a killing spree for decades without the cops ever finding anything about him.

Josie is one angsty woman. Sometimes I think she’s too hard on Jon. But a part of me believes that Jon deserves the cold shoulder from Josie. If I were in her position I also wouldn’t go easy on my ex boyfriend who ran out of town with the girl he got pregnant. But I do admire her dedication to hunting evidence against the guy who killed her bestfriend.

For thousands of years Aphrodite has been married to Hephaestus but she hardly ever pays attention to him. I feel really bad for Heff, he always tries his best to be the best husband he can be but his wife couldn’t appreciate it enough. Ares is such a jerk I don’t understand what Aphrodite sees in him. She should just go for Heff. I am really hoping for more romance between Hephaestus and Aphrodite. The guy deserves to be loved, he’s such a sweetheart.

All in all, Doe Eyes is an excellent book, it exceeded my expectations and I liked getting into the mind of a serial killer, even though it was a little creepy. It was fast-paced and the scenes were very exciting. I couldn’t put the book down. This book totally deserves five stars.


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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Doe Eyes (Good Gods #3) by Staci Hart

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  2. This is your favorite? I have yet to read this, but I assume that Staci’s writing gets better and better. Snake in the Grass was my favorite. I wonder if it would switch over to this one when I finally get to it. 😛 I guess the beauty of this whole series is that she can take it anywhere. Each book seems to show different themes. I should definitely read this soon. And I am definitely Team Heff. XD

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