Top Ten Tuesday #17: Top Ten Characters Who Would be Siting at my Lunch Table


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Have you ever wished that your favorite fictional characters could be your real-life friends or someone that would go to the same school as you do? I have! Here’s my top ten list of characters I’d invite to sit at my lunch table in school.

hopeless books keep me saneharry potter and the chamber of secrets books keep me sane

Sky from Hopeless – She is branded a slut and a whore by her school but that didn’t faze her. I think she’s really cool and if there’s someone that would surely stand up to bullying, it would be her.

Hermione from Harry Potter – Having a brainy friend at your lunch table can be very beneficial, you can copy her homework or ask her to be your study buddy! LOL

lola and the boy next door books keep me sanecinder books keep me sane

Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door – I would love to be Lola’s friend. She’s the type of person who isn’t afraid to stand out. Plus, I could really use her help in my wardrobe.

Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles – Cinder is a very badass heroine and I love her sense of humor. I have the feeling she and I would hit it off.

the fault in our stars books keep me saneconfessions of an angry girl books keep me sane

Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars – The Fault in Our Stars is one of my all-time favorite books and I absolutely love Hazel. Having cancer at a young age is not easy but she managed to triumph that.

Rose from Confessions of an Angry Girl – Rose is a level-headed, intelligent girl. She knows when to let snide comments pass but she also knows how to fight back and bitch-slap that mean girl. I really love her strong personality.

the hunger games books keep me saneanna and the french kiss books keep me sane

Gale from The Hunger Games Trilogy – Unpopular opinion: I like Gale more than Peeta. *shifty eyes* I notice that a lot of the Hunger Games fan hate Gale and I don’t get it. Don’t worry Gale if they don’t let you sit at their lunch table, you’re always welcome in mine.

Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss– Including Etienne in my group would surely make me the envy of all the other cliques! Etienne is a great friend, I just can’t promise I wouldn’t have a little crush on him. I mean, who can resist a French guy with a British accent?

divergent books keep me sanepercy jackson and the olympians the lightning thief books keep me sane

Uriah from Divergent – Uriah is probably one of my most favorite minor characters from any book. I love his personality and sense of humor. I just wish he had a lot more exposure in the book.

The Stoll Brothers from Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Another minor characters that I really love. The Stoll brothers are sons of Hermes, god of thieves, so naturally these two boys love to loot things from the other demigods in Camp Half-blood and the best part? They can always get away with it. Plus, their antics are really funny, I would love pranksters in my group.

Feel free to leave your Top Ten Tuesday below. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #17: Top Ten Characters Who Would be Siting at my Lunch Table

  1. Would it be totally cheesy to invite a character from the Bible? I just really want to talk to Moses and see how it felt with the red sea parted, you know? It had to be pretty boss.

    And also, I’d really like to chat with Professor McGonagall from HP. My current WIP has a character that I think she’d get a long with, and I’d like to put them in the same room together. I guess I could do that and write a short story, right?

    At any rate, love your choices! (Oh, and I need to get all over Cinder. I’ve heard lots about it!)

  2. I would definitely want someone like Hermione with me. I could really use the help. XD And I think it would be awesome to sit with Hazel too. She’s a wonderful and intelligent human being. I can’t imagine sitting with Etienne though. I feel like he’ll turn me into an idiot like all the other girls. Haha! And I prefer Peeta, but I don’t really hate Gale. Why do people hate Gale? o.o

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