I Survived A Hell-ish Week!

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When I started this blog my focus was on book reviews but now that it has grown, I want to share some stuff other than book reviews. Ramblings Keep Me sane is essentially about, well, ramblings. It could be book-related ramblings… or not. It’ll be like a discussion post where readers can share their opinion about anything under the sun.

I Survived A Hell-ish Week!

I don’t know if you have noticed this but I haven’t posted in the last week. I kind of feel bad for going AWOL on you, my readers. But worry not for I have returned!

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The last week has been really brutal! I took some time off blogging and reading to concentrate on studying for my midterms. Now, I know you’re probably wondering, “Midterms? In the middle of August?” Why yes! I am pretty sure in most countries school doesn’t start until August or September but my country’s academic year is really bonkers. In the Philippines an academic year starts in June and ends in March or April, hence, the midterm in August.

konata studying gif

Remember when I said I don’t really like to read comic strips and graphic novels? (You probably don’t remember when I said that but yeah.) Well, that has sorta kinda changed. Last week I started reading Kikomachine Komix vol. 8: The Golden Ratio by Manix Abrera. I am pretty familiar with the Kikomachine because I see it in the Entertainment section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer but I never really paid attention to it until my brother lent** me a copy of the book. At first I was really skeptical but I quickly found myself immersed in the story. The fact that it was so freaking funny helps too!

kikomachine golden ratio books keep me sane

So far I have read Kikomachine volumes 1, 3, 6 and 8.

kikomachine volume 1 books keep me sanedie evil die die ahrrrgh books keep me sanevenn man at iba pang kalupitan ng kapalaran books keep me sane kikomachine volume 6

I am totally, helplessly addicted to Kikomachine! I never knew I’d totally love Filipino comics**. I used to just roll my eyes at them, mainly because I don’t read any kinds of graphic novels or comics (Filipino or foreign ones), period.

I am slowly expanding my horizons. Reading Kikomachine Komix is just the first step to getting into the world of graphic novels. 😀 I would really love it if you could recommend some great graphic novels!

Oh and towards the end of last week I finished reading Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. I should have been studying for my exams but meh, old habits die hard.

anna and the french kiss books keep me sanelola and the boy next door books keep me sane

Both novels really wowed me. Why did I wait such a long time to read these novels! Arrggh!

Reviews for Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door is coming soon so stay tuned for it.

So, that was how I spent the last week. I just hope I did good on my exams. LOL.

Fill me in on how you spent your week! Or if you have graphic novel recommendations don’t be shy to share them to me.

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