Top Ten Tuesday #16: Books I MUST TOTALLY Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme/original feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Click the link to go to their site to see the original list.

The following books are the ones that have received so much hype in the past months and people have been recommending them to me nonstop! I really hope I can get to reading them someday….. when my TBR mountain shrinks to a manageable size (like that’s ever gonna happen).

open road summer books keep me sane the 5th wave books keep me saneif i stay books keep me saneeverything leads to you books keep me sanedaughter of smoke and bones books keep me sane

  • Open Road Summer – The cover of the book is so pretty! I remember when this book wasn’t released yet and I was so excited for it to come out because the story looks so promising. Now that it has been released I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback about it. Buuut I haven’t read it until now because there are just so many great books competing for my attention out there and I don’t know which book to read first.
  • The 5th Wave – I don’t really want to dive into the dystopian genre headfirst. I am a little picky when it comes to dystopian books. I have heard mixed reviews about it and I’m still not sure whether to read this or not. It’s going to be turned into a movie soon though, I hope Hollywood doesn’t ruin the book.
  • If I stay – This book has legions of fans around the world! This has been sitting in my TBR pile for a year now. The blurb sounds really interesting, it sounds like the type of book I would really like.
  • Everything leads to you – I have been really into LGBT books lately. And isn’t the cover so pretty!? Yeah I totally judge a book by its cover.
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bones – I’m a little wary of this one. It is either people really love it or really hate it. I don’t want to waste my time on a book that’s not so great, care to share your thoughts on this one?

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city of bones books keep me sanethe book thief books keep me sanelooking for alaska books keep me sanecasual vacancy books keep me sanesplintered books keep me sane

  • The Mortal Instruments – I have read the first two books in the series but along the way I lost the motivation to continue it. The series is really good but eh, the spark isn’t really there, you know? Am I the only one not totally impressed by this one?
  • The Book Thief – I have rad half of the book last summer but I wasn’t able to finish it. I badly want to re-read it before I watch the movie!
  • Books by John Green – After The Fault in Our Stars I am still so emotionally traumatized by John Green’s books that I am still scared of reading his other works.
  • The Casual Vacancy – I heard mixed views about it, many people hate it because it’s so NOT Harry Potter. Though I think that argument is dumb because this was never meant to be like HP. I mean, what part of “adult novel” do you not understand?
  • Splintered – the blogosphere went crazy when the sequel to this book came out. A lot of my blogger friends are a fan of this series. It sounds like a great story though. I may read it sometime. We’ll see.

* the links lead to goodreads

Feel free to leave your Topn Ten Tuesday below. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #16: Books I MUST TOTALLY Read

  1. I started Casual Vacancy and hated it at first, so when I spoke to my friend about it she said, “Consider it a marathon for your mind.” Once I looked at it like that, I actually started to enjoy it. Unfortunately, I was moving at the time and had to return the book to the library, so I still need to go back and pick it up. But I totally plan on doing that!

  2. I forgot about The Book Thief! This was everywhere for quite awhile. And of course anything by John Green. I’m almost at the point where my contrary side refused to read anything by him just because I keep getting told I should! Great list!

  3. I’ve pretty much heard of all the books you’ve just listed. If I Stay is my all time favourite, so I would recommend you to read it. The book has had quite a bit of buzz recently with the movie coming out. I really want to read The Book Thief. I even bought it and it’s just sitting on my shelf at the moment. I’m just not in the mood to read it though. I’ve been reading a lot of cute books at the moment and I don’t think I’m in the mood to read something with such a deep subject manner. I’ll get around to it though

  4. I loved Daughter Of Smoke & Bone. It’s not a bad book. It’s just that it’s a bit strange & weird and people either like that or not. The writing is beautiful BTW.
    The Book Thief is my favorite book. I hope you will enyoy it on the re-read. Hold on tight on your heart on the end.

  5. I loved the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series and thought it was very unique and magical and I loved the characters. I love the writing style. No I loved The Mortal Instruments but it is not for everyone and hear some people don’t finish it. Now that the movies is coming out or is out by now most likely If I Stay is being recommended much more.
    here is my TTT

  6. Oh yes, I can highly recommend Open Road Summer! I was really impressed with it. I also really liked The Book Thief and Splintered!

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