Top Ten Tuesday #15: Books I Recommend to Those Who Haven’t Read New Adult and Young Adult


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This is a really interesting topic this week. Normally I don’t write recommended books posts just because I pretty much recommend all the books I’ve rated four or five stars in this blog. Writing a recommendation post would be redundant, still I am writing this now because I want to highlight some outstanding books (at least in my opinion) in two particular genres. One is new adult, which genre I haven’t heard of until I started blogging. I’m not really sure if the term “new adult” just recently popped in the book market but I am really enjoying this one.

The second one is Young Adult. This genre is really booming! More than 60% of what I read is YA and I freaking love this genre. A lot of people read YA but I’m pretty sure there are some of you that, for some reason, haven’t/ don’t read YA. This post is for you! 😛

5 Books I’d recommend to Readers Who Have Never Read… New Adult

shine not burn books keep me sane pretty little lies books keep me sanedeer in headlights 2 books keep me sanewaking up married books keep me sanesafe word books keep me sane

  • Shine Not Burn – This is one of my most favorite NA books of all time. Given the storyline is not the most original but it was just SO hilarious. The story was so romantic too! Read. This. Now.
  • Pretty Little Lies – I honestly didn’t expect I’d love the book but I did. The book incorporates some fashion tips too which are very helpful for us girls.
  • Deer in Headlights – This book is really unique. It has NA aspect as well as fantasy. I love everything that has to do with Greek deities so I instantly picked up the book. It is really fun to watch how Aphrodite messes up with the lives of mortals.
  • Waking Up Married – This book made me feel like a giddy teenager. The story was just so romantic!
  • Safe Word – This book is kind of depressing, the ending made me ugly-cry like crazy! The love story is really intense though and it kept me at the edge of my seat (especially the second half of the book). A definite must read!

* the links lead to either my book review or the Amazon buy link

5 Books I’d recommend to Readers Who Have Never Read … Young Adult

legend books keep me saneshadow and bone books keep me sanethe lost hero books keep me sanecinder books keep me saneharry potter and the chamber of secrets books keep me sane

  • Legend – I recently finished this trilogy and it was absolutely mind-blowing. The third book in the trilogy is my favorite, it’s not for the faint of heart though. 😉 Have your Kleenex ready.
  • Shadow and Bone – Another trilogy I really love. I love everything about this book so bad it hurts. I normally hate the bad guys but I was drawn to the charm of the Darkling. Bardugo makes love triangles really appealing.
  • The Lost Hero – I may be biased because I will read anything and everything by Rick Riordan but oh well. But really, Riordan has legions of fans around the world, that has got to be a good evidence of how great he is, right?
  • Cinder – A lot of readers praised Cinder for being out of the box and I couldn’t agree more. Not only did Meyer make a retelling of a classic fairytale but she also added her own twist, making The Lunar Chronicles one of the most-loved YA books right now.
  • Harry Potter – Of course, how can I not recommend Harry Potter? This doesn’t much explanation, really. Just go read it and be prepared to be blown away.

* the links lead to either my book review or the Amazon buy link

Feel free to leave your Topn Ten Tuesday below. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #15: Books I Recommend to Those Who Haven’t Read New Adult and Young Adult

  1. I haven’t yet read New Adult and I haven’t heard of any of your picks! I am more familiar with the YA titles and of course love Harry Potter. For YA I usually gravitate towards John Green or David Levithan.

  2. I don’t believe I’ve ever read any new adult (well, I recently read an ARC of Virgin which is new adult). I’m not sure if I’d like the genre all that much, but I’ll have to read one of these on your list to see.
    My TTT is on dystopian fiction.

  3. You’ve got some great books on your list! 🙂 I adore the Lunar Chronicles and I think it crosses over to other genres well.

  4. I’m not familiar with the New Adult titles (I’ve only read a tiny portion of that genre myself), but I definitely agree with your Young Adult list from what I’ve heard of those books .Cinder also made my list (I recommended Young Adult titles across a few genres). Several of the others on that list are books I have heard great things about and hope to read soon.

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