Have You Ever Felt “Bored” of Your Blog?

ramblings keep me sane

When I started this blog my focus was on book reviews but now that it has grown, I want to share some stuff other than book reviews. Ramblings Keep Me sane is essentially about, well, ramblings. It could be book-related ramblings… or not. It’ll be like a discussion post where readers can share their opinion about anything under the sun.

Have You Ever Felt “Bored” of Your Blog?

The book blogging community is one of the most saturated communities I have seen on the internet. Five years ago only a handful of people are blogging about books but now more and more book blogs are coming up every day. The book blogging community is like the Amazon jungle, so crowded you have to reach the top to get the most amount of sunlight.

When I started this book blog my only aim was to write book reviews and maybe some book-related discussions sporadically. For a while I was contented with only posting reviews but I realized that in order to step up my game and attract more new readers and keep the old ones visiting my blog, I have to come up with something that’s unique and worth revisiting.

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In the past I love reading book reviews of other book bloggers but over time I realized that there are too many book reviews to read out there and I’m sick of the same old same old book reviews, you know? (Not that posting book reviews is a bad thing but I also want to see change and to mix things up sometimes.)

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Not only am I bored of only seeing book reviews on people’s blogs but I am bored of mine too! I don’t want to be just another book review blog, someone who regurgitates the same ideas and opinions about a particular book. I want my blog to be quirky and unique and cool and the “it” blog.

Have you ever had this frustration before? Have you ever felt tired and bored and sick of the same old thing?

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12 thoughts on “Have You Ever Felt “Bored” of Your Blog?

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    • Aww Katie 🙂 There’s always this voice in my head that doubts myself, you know? I feel like I need to always push myself harder each time to make things better.

  3. I’ve felt bored before. It left me not wanting to write reviews, but I did a few features to distract myself. Like a Cover War or talked about what I was watching on TV. This summer I’ve decided to start posting videos as a way to expand my blog. It in my opinion has made it a lot more fun!

    • I’ve always wanted to incorporate videos into my blog posts but I’m camera-shy and my accent’s really weird so people might not be able to understand a word I’m saying LOL.

  4. Yes and my blog will only be a year old! When I first started my blog I did reviews and a lot of the weekly memes (to get some post ideas). But then I got tired of doing some of the memes and felt like I was hurrying each week just to post something. So now I will only participate on the memes if I have something I really want to share. I like movies and tv so I occasionally post about that (either as what’s out now or as a Throwback Thursday feature). It is hard to compete with other blogs but I have to remind myself that I started my blog for fun and try not to stress about it.

    • I did the same thing, participated in all the memes when I was still a newbie but now I only do a maximum of two memes a week. I think it’s nice to incorporate movies and TV shows in your posts. I have a feature called Popcorn Reviews which is about reviewing movie adaptation of books. You’re right, blogging should be fun, not stressful 🙂

  5. I decide I’m completely over my blog like once a week haha. Every time I think up something different to do it doesn’t really get much response. I’m even currently hosting my first giveaway and have had barely any response to that.

    • You can tweet about your giveaway and invite people to join. I think it would be better if you have 100+ followers first before you host a giveaway so that more people can join and spread the word 🙂

  6. I’m making big changes in how I choose books (totally did away with a TBR list and canceled my Goodreads account this past weekend), and along with that I’ve decided to no longer write traditional reviews eep!

    I’m blogging about the changes all this week on my blog, and Friday I’ll be talking about how I’m going to handle book reviews from this point on-pretty much going to do a weekly highlights post instead, and just share a few thoughts on each book I’ve read the previous week (along why I chose to read each one). I’m no longer rating books either. It’s getting all Matrix like over here, lol.

    Great topic today, and I think this is something that more bloggers are going to start wondering about/wrestling with.

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