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Popcorn Reviews is a feature here @ Books Keep Me Sane which gives me a chance to share with the readers of this blog my reviews of movies/TV series that are related to books.

jack the giant slayer books keep me saneTitle: Jack the Giant Slayer

Director: Bryan Singer

Writers: Darren Lemke (screenplay), Christopher McQuarrie(screenplay)

Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy

Release Date: 1 March, 2013 (US)




The ancient war between humans and a race of giants is reignited when Jack, a young farmhand fighting for a kingdom and the love of a princess, opens a gateway between the two worlds.


It seems to me that making classic fairy tales into movies is now a new trend in Hollywood. Not only are books published in this century are being made into movies, we also find our favorite bedtime stories and classic tales of adventures like Jack and the Ben Stalk in the cinema.

jack the giant slayer gif 3

In this particular adaptation of the said story Jack and the Bean Stalk is renamed Jack the Giant Slayer.  I have to admit the latter title has a ring of interest to it.

I dare assume we already know the gist of the story, Jack traded a cow for the magic beans, planted them and the stalks grew. Jack climbed the oversized stalks, found the giant, slayed it and discovered the golden eggs. And he lived richly and happily ever after. Only in this story, it’s not only Jack against one giant but the whole of humanity against an army of these humongous creatures.

The start of the movie was promising. It has a nice back story and a nice introduction to the main characters. I only wish a different actor was casted as Jack because as much as I love Nicholas Hoult I don’t think he fits the character of Jack.

nicholas hoult

Baby believe me when I say I love you

But maybe that’s just me. Anyway, the story was progressing rather greatly.

jack the giant slayer gif

jack the giant slayer gif books keep me sane

One should bear in mind that the story is about humans versus giants. When it came to the scene where the giants were about to attack the humans I thought it was already the climax. But no, something occurred and the attack was foiled. But oops, the giants found a way around it and now we think the humans are doomed, right? Wrong. Something terrible happened to the leader of the giants and I thought the giants couldn’t fight without their leader. Guess I was wrong. And so, the intense battle between the humans and giants ensued. To add some suspense to the story it looked like giants were winning but the humans managed to pull through. Meanwhile, Jack and Princess Isabelle fight a battle of their own. And just when it looked like they are about to lose, Jack pulled his trump card and managed to outwit the enemy.

jack the giant slayer gif 2

He’s literally a knight in shining armor

This might seem a fine chain of events for some but for me it’s not. I find the story to be so messed up. The story was all over the place. I would have preferred it to have one definite climax as opposed to having multiple ones. It frustrates me to be carried away by the hype of a movie only to be disappointed by it. It is of great sadness to say this but Jack the Giant Slayer was a huge let down. I recommend against watching it, I wouldn’t want you to waste your time on this one.

elmont meme

Precisely my thought throughout the movie


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3 thoughts on “POPCORN REVIEWS: Jack the Giant Slayer

  1. I remember seeing this in theaters and honestly wondering why I was paying to see it when I wasn’t sure whether it would be worth watching. I love Nicholas Hoult but he didn’t really fit my idea of Jack . . and the plot could have been a lot better with the ideas that they had. I didn’t think it was terrible but it’s a movie I don’t think I’ll end up watching again!

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