Sunday Post #11: Summertime Lovin’

sunday post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here: Sunday Post Meme

You guys it’s March already! YAY! Summer is just around the corner!

I know in most countries March is probably spring time but since I live in a tropical country, the variation in the weather here is limited. Either it’s scorching hot or it’s raining a lot. Also, this semester is gonna end soon and I’ll be free for the next two months. but before that we have projects to finish and final exams to take. All these stuff is taking up most of my time and I barely have time to read! But that’s okay, once the summer break kicks in I’ll read to my heart’s content. 😉

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Post #11: Summertime Lovin’

  1. Read the piece on JK Rowling now and I think this is an arch-typical example of a review which attacks the author personally rather than look at the books. See, I’m not a huge Harry Potter Fan, but this is just because I’m not hugely into this genre – but of course there are millions who love it and for them it is just right. Alas, any commercially successful writer will have people attacking them – part and parcel of it I guess. Have a great week and Happy Reading!
    My Sunday post is here

    • I guess you can never please everyone no matter how good you are at what you do, I just find it ridiculous that someone would bring JK Rowling down in such a public manner. I can never understand why an author attacks a fellow author and to post it on Huffington Post, gosh. But Rowling must be used to that, after all you can not make millions of fans without making a few enemies. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. I’m glad its March now but we got more snow today, so I guess winter isn’t through with us yet! 🙂

    Your post Harry Potter post was interesting. I’m just starting the HP series so I’m a little behind the times, but I’m really looking forward to discovering this series for the first time. It’s good she’s writing what she wants even if its different from her previous stuff.

    • yeah it’s good she didn’t stop writing after HP ended. She’s got so much talent and it would be a real waste if she ever stops writing. 🙂 HP is REALLY great, it’s one of my all-time fav, I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂

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