#ReadingCram End of the Year Read-a-thon 2013: TBR Challenge/ Kickoff

Dana from Danasquare  and Jenny from Juliababyjen’s Reading Room are hosting the Enf of the Year 2013 read-a-thon which will run from Dec. 9 and ends in Dec. 22.

For 2013 I aim to read 100 books and guess what– I’m nine books away from my goal! But lately my enthusiasm for reading has diminished drastically but I WANT to complete my goal. This is huge for me. So what better way to motivate myself than to join a read-a-thon, right? Plus, it’ll be fun since there will be giveaways and challenges and other people to read along with.

Without further ado, here are the nine books I’ll be reading for this read-a-thon:

Deadly (Pretty Little Liars, #14)Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend (Confessions, #2)The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus, #4)45 Pounds (More or Less)Truly, Madly, DeadlyEleanor & ParkFangirlInk (Paper Gods, #1)Shadow (Paper Gods, #0.5)

All of these books are on my Top TBR on Goodreads and since I will need all the motivation I can get, I chose the books I’ve been dying to read.

Wish me luck on my 100 books in one year challenge 😀 And oh, let the #ReadingCram begin!

20 thoughts on “#ReadingCram End of the Year Read-a-thon 2013: TBR Challenge/ Kickoff

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    • Ooh let me know what you think about the books 😀 I heard they’re pretty amazing. Fangirl shot straight to number one in our local bookstore’s Top 10 YA titles so I expect it is reaaally good 🙂

  3. I’m trying to reach my 100 goal as well this year and I’ve got seven more to go. It’s the same reason I signed up for the readathon. With the holidays and winter and everything I’ve lost a bit of the reading bug. Hopefully the readathon will give us both the motivation to finish out our 100 books! Good luck! Also, Fangirl was one of my favorite books this year. I hope you love it!

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