Dreamy December Days Read-a-thon Day 1: Author Feature, Giveaway, Updates



For today’s author feature, we have an interview with Angela McPherson and excerpt from her book, Hope’s Decree. There’s also a GIVEAWAY below~

angela mcphersonBorn and currently residing in Midland, Texas, Angela shuffles three busy children (not including her husband) all over the place. She works in a busy pediatric doctors office as a nurse during the day, and writes at night. She is addicted to coffee——who isn’t? And firmly believes chocolate can fix all——especially chocolate ice cream. She laughs a lot, often at herself and is willing to try anything once (she thinks). When Angela isn’t rushing kids around, working or writing, she’s reading. Other than life experience, Angela turns to a wide variety of music to help spark her creative juices. She loves to dance and sing, though her kids often beg her not to.
Check her out on her: BlogTwitterFacebook Goodreads
Her Book:
hope's decree


About Angela McPherson

First off, let’s start with the basic info, can you tell our read-a-thon participants who Angela Mcpherson is?

  • I’m kind of an all over the place type of person. I like being busy. I work as a pediatric nurse in the day, write at night, and spend time with my kiddos and husband. I’m also a pretty sporadic person and am often distracted (some may say more than often). I jump subjects ALL the time.

What did you do before you became an author? Or do you still have some other side job to writing?

  • I do the same thing as I did before…I daydream, a lot.

Name three foods you’ll never get sick of eating.

  • Hamburgers. Chick-fl-a sandwich. Nachos.

About her writing and her books

How did your interest in writing start?

  • It started while reading a vampire series and then thinking, I totally want to do this.

Can you tell us a little about Hope’s Decree?

  • YES! First things first, HD isn’t a retelling, but more of an extended version of the Greek mythology, Pandora’s Box: Pandora opened her box and released orbs—sin—to mortals on earth. When she closed the box, Pandora sealed one orb inside. The orb of Hope. Now on to Hope’s Decree: Trinity Whitebone can feel what others around her feel. She doesn’t understand the reasoning for her ability, and she hates it. Then a hot guy, Blain Heros, moves to town and suddenly life becomes hectic….Trinity goes from feeling emotions to hearing thoughts and the new guy, Blain, knows why. She’s a descendant of Pandora, fated to rid mortals of the deadly multitude of orbs unleashed by Pandora. As if the burden of saving mortals isn’t tough enough, Trinity learns there are other immortal beings—Rogues—trying to capture her so they can gain her powers. Crap just got real….romance, betrayal, fighting and much more happen and then all of a sudden the story is over. 😀

What inspired you to write a book about a descendant of Pandora?

  • When I walked outside one night and looked up at the stars. I’ve always loved stories about the constellations and Greek Mythos, so one idea ran into the other until I picked Pandora’s Box.

Of all the characters in your book, who’s your favorite character to write, and why?

  • I really enjoy writing Morpheus’s character. He’s so funny and he allows me to just write without inhibitions.

What are some of your writing habits?

  • Coffee, music, laptop, and without kids, which is impossible until they go to bed (and why I prefer writing at night).

What is your favorite word and why?

  • Love…or maybe Laugh? There are so many different emotions and reasons behind LOVE and Laugh, because it’s my favorite thing to do.

What are your favorite books of all time?

  • Romance books with a flare of action and humor: The Vampire Academy series and The Iron Fey series are great examples.

What is your favorite quote?

  • “I wanted a normal life, but normal was as foreign to me as a super bowl ring was to Tony Romo.” Hope’s Decree, Angela McPherson

Since it’s almost Christmas…

Do you have any holiday traditions? If so, what are they? Or what do you usually do during this time?

  • I have to clean my house while listening to Christmas music, loudly. (Yes I’m a weirdo, I love to clean). My kids and I cuddle on the couch and watch tons of Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course), and we also drive into town to look at Christmas lights.

What do you love most about Christmas?

  • People seem a little happier, they say thank you, smile when you walk by and are all around friendlier.

What’s on your Christmas Wishlist this year?

  • World peace? That I finish all my books by January 1? IDK. Wait, I got it! That my family and I are well, healthy, and continue being grateful for what we have. Yup, the last one.

What makes you put on the holiday weight?

  • What doesn’t? LOL

Wrapping up

One last! Can you tell us a joke? Pretty please with a cherry on top? 😛

My friend sent this to me and really, it is so me. Okay, here goes:

Q: Why did the forgetful chicken cross the road?

A: To get to the other side, er, no, to go shopping, no not that either … dang it.

Any last words?

  • Have a Merry Christmas! God Bless and be sure to read lots of great books 😀

That’s a wrap~ Thank you so so much for joining us. It has been a pleasure to have you.


hope's decreeTitle: Hope’s Decree

Check it out on: Goodreads

Purchase at: AmazonCreatespaceB&NThe Book Depository

When everything else is lost, there is always hope.
While most teens want an epic senior year, Trinity Whitebone hoped for a normal one. Being seventeen was hard enough. Having the emotions of everyone around you in your head made life more than a little difficult.
Until Blain Heros enrolled.
He screamed hot-god in jeans with just his walk. His intense stare warmed her skin like a thousand suns. Unfortunately, his interest in her seemed to run from blazing to freezing in the span of moments and left her nothing but confused. She could deal with things not being normal, but when life goes from strange to dangerous…
Trinity is the direct descendant of Pandora and fated to rectify the terrors released into the world by her curious ancestor. With powers she didn’t know existed and abilities she never wanted, Trinity tries to walk away from everything her life had become. She thought she could turn her back on her fate, until a band of rogue immortals discover who she is and will do whatever it takes to control her powers. Trinity is left with one decision…Embrace fate or die trying.

Excerpt from Hope’s Decree:

“Blain, please.” I took another step back, keeping a safe distance between us. “I don’t want to do this. I can’t do this.” My voice shook. I desperately needed him to listen, but he refused.

He lunged again. A stabbing pain stung my forearm and fluid seeped through the fabric. I stopped backing away as anger surged through me like a virus. I used the emotion, and let the energy it generated build on itself until it consumed me. My insides were charged like a high-powered battery begging to be released. My fingers twitched, and white light hovered around their tips, waiting for my command.

“Bring it,” Blain said in a low growl. With his back hunched over, sword in his right hand, he lunged forward again. This time I stopped the contact with an aggressive wave of my hand. His right hand reflexively defended my attack. Against his metal blade, a spray of sparks sailed in the air.

“About time,” Blain said, though his words were cut off as I shot out a stream of white. With another wave of my hand, my power sent his body sailing into the air. He landed on his feet, staring at me.

“Now change the light into a sword.” He circled me in the same crouch. “Focus,” he demanded.

My brows furrowed as I concentrated on the energy, forming it in my mind. The light wavered, making me concentrate harder. Sweat rolled down the side of my face until I crafted the light into a deadly curved blade. The hilt rested easily in my grip.

“Now, fight.”

He leaped in the air, his sword over my head. I raised my hands and our swords clashed. His metal hit against the pulsing glow of my blade, and sparks again showered in the air. I broke apart first, crouching in front of him. Our eyes locked. His hand came up in a swift strike, and I countered, parrying his.

He circled behind me, catching me off guard. Using my elbow, I connected with his stomach. He grunted, giving me time to face him. He recovered quickly, and the dance began again. We circled, our blades in the air ready to strike.

Quickly I realized my anger had pushed away my fear, and by doing so, I enhanced my ability to use the energy. As soon as I allowed myself to accept my power, I felt indestructible.

The afternoon sun scorched my skin; sweat drenched my hair, and my sweater stuck to my chest. My energy level had fizzled to a faint buzz, and my head ached.

After we sparred with the curved blades, Blain chose other weapons for me to create. Each time his request was easier to replicate, but the more I used the energy, the more it drained me.

“Blain.” I bent over panting. “I…need…to…rest.” By then I didn’t care if he knocked me out. I’d welcome it.

“I think you’re right.”

I peaked at him through my lashes. His face had flushed, and sweat made his hair stick to the side of his face. “Thanks,” I said, relaxing.

Still catching my breath when I stood up, I found Blain taking his shirt off. All of my stored air supply rushed out, and my heart sprinted like the wings of a hummingbird.

I was in a trance, watching the sun glisten off his perfect body. His stomach looked like a sea of toned muscles, and his jeans rested low on his hipbones. He used his gray T-shirt to wipe sweat from his brow, and then he froze.

It took me a moment to realize he was looking at me. I’d been caught staring at him.

“I think we should go back to the truck. I need to get home,” I confessed quick and breathless.

“Sure,” he agreed, walking over to the duffle bag.

Certain I could control my breathing, I walked over and helped him finish piling the weapons into the bag, making sure not to touch him.

“Let me see your arm.” He pointed to the ripped sleeve caked with dried blood.

“Um, I think it’ll be okay. I’ll just clean it when I get home.”

He shook his head, walking to stand in front of me. “I’m not asking.” He took my arm, carefully pushing the fabric up.

The connection pulsed between us, as always. “I can heal this,” he said, voice thick and low. “This place enhances my abilities.”

His hand warmed against my skin and I looked down, watching a golden thread of light pulsing from under his cupped hand. The pressure tingled at first and then grew in intensity. The sensation made it hard to breathe.

The connection thoroughly jilted me, weakening my legs. I sagged lower, but Blain’s free arm snaked around my waist, pressing me tightly against his bare chest. My eyes rose to meet his. I stared into a burning inferno of blue flames.

Gold and white light interlaced, spreading around us and holding us prisoner. Our hearts beat in cadence, and our breathing became soft. My heart squeezed with elation, and a small voice encouraged me to reach for more.

The need became overwhelming. I straightened. The small movement faltered the bond, and with a cold, searing force, Blain backed away.

I looked down at the cut on my arm and found it gone, no redness or swelling appeared. While one cut healed, another had deepened. My body shook.

“Trinity,” he sounded worried.

“I’m fine.” I turned my back, heading for the path of trees in front of me. “I want to go home.” A minute later the sound of his footsteps crunched behind me, but he remained silent as we walked out of the magical forest and back to his truck.



Angela is giving away an eBook of Hope’s Decree! Open to all! Even non-participants.



Hey guys! Today’s the start of the DDD read-a-thon and I can’t wait to start reading. But before that, let me show you the books I plan on reading this week—or at least try to. College life is keeping me busy but I will do my best to finish them this week. So without further ado, here’s what I’m going to read this week:

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown (borrowed from a friend of mine)
Beastly by Alex Flinn
Ten Things We Did by Sarah Mlynowski (a gift from my DDD co-host, Francine)

I’m not really sure if I can finish all these books this week but I will really try to. But this read-a-thon is not about how many books you have read but rather, it’s about tackling that huge TBR pile while having fun by interacting with your fellow bookworms.
For the first day of the read-a-thon I am going to read Ten Things We Did. The book seems really fun and I’ve been dying to read it!
What about you, what are you going to read for the read-a-thon? Don’t forget to link up your daily update below. And also, there will be a twitter chat this Wednesday and another on the last day of the read-a-thon (December 7). Be sure to use #DreamyDecDays and there will lots of awesome prizes too so be there!


Happy December everyone! Welcome to today’s Dreamy December Days Daily Challenge. For Day 1, tell us your Bookish Christmas Wishes. You can answer any of the following questions: What are the bookish merchandise or books that you would really love to receive this Christmas? Or which of our array of read-a-thon prizes would you really love to win? (You can add pictures if you like.)
As always, participating in at least one challenge will qualify you to join the Grand Prize giveaway at the end of the read-a-thon, and each challenge has one random winner so make sure to join. Link up on the Challenge linky below, each challenge linky will be open for two days to give everyone a chance to participate in the read-a-thon. Tweet your read-a-thon posts/progress using #DreamyDecDays.

Sponsored by:
• L.M. Augustine, Erica Crouch, Tellulah Darling, Kate Evangelista, Nikki Godwin, Rachel Harris, Staci Hart, A.G. Howard, David Lomax, Angela McPherson, Lea Nolan, Kelly Oram, Lissa Price, Jennifer E. Smith, Laura Thalassa

I am a huge Potterhead and I love Ravenclaw. I’ve always wanted a Ravenclaw scarf or neck tie. I’ve always wanted those stuff but I never get the chance to buy them because most of my savings goes to buying books.
Khaled Hosseini is one of my favorite authors of all time and I already have a hardbound copy of his book A Thousand Splendid Suns, it would be great if someone could give me a hardbound copy of And The Mountains Echoed and The Kite Runner.

But really, when it comes to books I’m not picky. I’ll read anything you give me. When someone gives me a book I always ask them to write a short message for me on the book. It makes it more special that way.
As for the read-a-thon prizes, what I would really love to have is one of Lea Nolan’s signed bookmarks, a swag pack from Rachel Harris or a signed hardback from A.G. Howard. But anything is fine,really.

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