Dreamy December Days Read-a-thon Sign Up and Author Highlight: Laura Thalassa


Always Lost in Books and Books Keep Me Sane are hosting a weeklong read-a-thon before we all settle in for the holidays. Join us~ There will be awesome challenges and author features. Anyone can join as long as you can post your read-a-thon updates publicly. So sign up now!

Just declare that you will be joining the read-a-thon (through your blog or any social media account) and fill up the linky~ Sign ups are open from Nov. 1, 2013 to Dec. 4, 2013. (When signing up, please include your name, country, and declaration post link)

For more details: read-a-thon page

Today, I’m featuring one of our lovely sponsors. Give it up for:


laura thalassaBorn and raised in Fresno, California, Laura Thalassa spent her childhood cooking up fantastic tales with her best friend. Lucky for her overactive imagination, she also happened to love writing.

When not writing, Laura keeps herself busy by going to the beach, refurbishing her writing desk, hiking, and of course, reading.

Laura Thalassa lives in sunny Santa Barbara, California with her boyfriend, author Dan Rix.The Unearthly is her debut novel.

Check her out on her: BlogTwitterFacebook Goodreads.

Published Books:

18153436The Unearthly

Check it out on: Goodreads

Purchase at: Amazon

Series: The Unearthly #1

Upcoming Releases:

the covetedThe Coveted

Check it out on: Goodreads

Expected Publication: January 15, 2014

Series: The Unearthly #2


Dreamy December Days is sponsored by:

  • L.M. Augustine
  • Erica Crouch
  • Tellulah Darling
  • Kate Evangelista
  • Nikki Godwin
  • Rachel Harris
  • Staci Hart
  • A.G. Howard
  • David Lomax
  • Angela McPherson
  • Lea Nolan
  • Kelly Oram
  • Lissa Price
  • Jennifer E. Smith
  • Laura Thalassa

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