CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Adam Kingsley and Kathryn Delcour from Adam’s Apple (Touch of Tantra #1) by Liv Morris

Hello guys! Today I’m very excited to share to you my interview of Adam Kingsley and Kathryn Delcour from the novel Adam’s Apple. I really love the book and needless to say, I enjoyed interviewing the  characters. Without further ado, here’s the interview. Enjoy 🙂


Farzy: Hi Adam, hi Kathryn. A pleasant  day to both of you.  I want to thank you guys for giving me the chance to interview you.

Kathryn: Hello. It’s my pleasure to be here with you today.

Adam: (reaches his arm around Kathryn for a not too subtle hug) Hello and it’s my pleasure too.

Kathryn: Why do I think you mean more than just this interview with that answer of yours?

Adam: Because you know me so well.

Kathryn: A one track mind is easy to follow. (Kathryn rolls her eyes)

Farzy: Kathryn, you are such a strong and confident woman, the perfect example of an alpha female. My question is, what is your advice to women out there who are somehow doubting their capabilities and their selves?

Kathryn: Thanks for the compliment, but I, like every woman have insecurities. Over the years I’ve walked through several painful life experiences that have toughened me up. Put life into perspective so to speak. I also credit the centering nature of Tantra. It helped me learn to trust my own feelings and find healing. But I still cringe when trying on a swimsuit in a dressing room. I wish the stores had mood lightening and served alcohol.

Farzy: Adam, give us five words to describe Kathryn, and Kathryn you do the same.

Adam: This question is easy. Beautiful, fierce, passionate, compassionate, and MINE.

Kathryn: Wow. Now who’s the Alpha? (Kathryn rustles her fingers through Adam’s hair) Adam has the biggest heart. I’m not sure he is even aware of how big it is. He’s a loyal friend. A great lover. (Kathryn smiles as Adam smirks) and a sight of pure pleasure to look at. (Kathryn winks)

Adam: Wait, beautiful. That’s just four. (Adam pouts)

Kathryn: Well I left out one because I didn’t want to give too much of our story away, but you are a definite lifesaver. (Kathryn gives Adam a light kiss on the cheek).

Farzy: Where do you guys see yourselves in 10 years?

Kathryn: I think I’ll let Adam tackle this question.

Adam: Nope. Ladies first.

Kathryn: You didn’t use to have that same philosophy.

Adam: You’ve definitely changed me there.

Kathryn: Okay, I’ll take a stab at this question first. I’m not getting any younger, so I wouldn’t mind sending off my first child to Kindergarten in ten years.

Adam: I would concur with Kathryn, but instead of “my child,” I’d rather it be our child. Perhaps a little girl with raven hair and eyes of blue. (Adam brings Kathryn’s hand up to his lips. Kathryn sighs)

Farzy: I was going to ask Kathryn this next question but I figured it would be better if you can answer this, Adam. What are the qualities of a good man, in your opinion?

Adam: If I had to pick out a husband for the raven-haired little girl I just mentioned, there would be some very high standards for this man.  Trustworthy, protective, self-sacrificing, and always cherishing the woman he loves.

Kathryn: I have to interject here.

Adam: By means, beautiful.

Kathryn: I think Adam just described himself. What a transformation he’s made. Or how lucky I am to finally see the true man he is.

Adam: As I’ve said before, everything I am has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with you, Kathryn. (The lovers smile at one another)

Farzy: Kathryn, can you tell us more about Tantra?

Kathryn: You bet. I’m very passionate about this subject. Tantra is an ancient practice. I teach the sensual component of Tantra to others. I stress the word sensual as the actual act of sex isn’t the main focus of Tantra. The main aim of Tantra is a deeper connection with our partner. More than just an act, more a uniting together as one. There is much more Tantra to come in the continuation of our story. Adam has a hell of a lot to learn.

Adam: Yes I do, so I need hours and hours of practice with Kathryn to get it all right.

Farzy: I want to hear this coming from Adam’s mouth. What is love to you Adam?

Adam: I like this question. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

Kathryn: Oh, this one I have to hear.

Adam: When your needs, wants, and desires have disappeared and instead you want to meet the needs of the one you love, fulfill her every want, and satisfy all her desires.

Kathryn: Best answer imaginable. (Kathryn reaches over and kisses Adam)

Farzy: I’m sure fans of your love story are eager for a sequel. Can you give us a sneak peak or hints about the next book?

Adam: Two new characters will be introduced in Adam’s Fall. Xavier Thorpe, my father for lack of a better term, and Ollie Thorpe, my half-brother.

Kathryn: Tantra, long and delicious sessions of Tantra.

Adam: A big yes to that one!



Author Info

Liv MorrisLiv Morris resides in Manhattan with her first and hopefully last husband. She received a degree in communication from the University of Maryland. Liv has published five short stories in the Love in the City series. Her debut novel, Adam’s Apple, was published in July 2013.

Website // Twitter


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