Sunday Post #2: One Week of Total Freedom

sunday post

If you’re from the Us, chances are either school hasn’t started yet or it has just started. But for me, since I live in Narnia (nah just kidding) school has started last June. And now, I’m supposed to be finished with my midterm exams already. Unfortunately, a typhoon struck the country and caused major damage to some areas in my country, and because of this, school was suspended for one week. I’ve been at home for the past week mainly reading books and sleeping.

Last Week on the Blog

I was suppposed to post my review of Confessions of an Angry Girl yesterday but I forgot. T_T Stupid me. Ugh I hate it when I fail to follow my blog calendar.

Nothing much happened on the blog last week. I will try to post more next week and in the coming weeks though.

Look Forward To

  • Teaser Tuesday
  • Confessions of an Angry by Louise Rozett (review)
  • Deer in Headlights by Staci Hart (review)
  • August 16-30 New Book Release
  • Girl on Tour by Caisey Queen (excerpt)

Hopefully, I won’t forget to post yet another review. 🙂

Book Haul

I didn’t buy books last week because I still have SO many ebooks on my phone’s Kindle app and so many unread books in my shelf. Also, I’m saving up because I have an awesome gift to give someone! 🙂

Buuut, I recieved a book for a blog tour

Adam's Apple (Touch of Tantra #1)

*click the image for the Goodreads link

And I also bought one book a couple of days ago… I wasn’t thinking when I bought this book really. When I go to Booksale (a local bookstore with cheap books and second-hand books) I have this habit of grabbing anything and everything 5-20 pesos. This time I bought a Stephen King book…

The Green Mile, Part 5: The Night Journey

Apparently, this book is published in 1996 and it’s as old as me. I haven’t read any SK book before so I figured this may be a great time and I’ve seen lots of 5-stars review of this book so maybe I will like it. Haha! 😀

Around the Web

  • The Book Theif Official Trailer – I started the book earlier this year but I haven’t finished it yet. And as much as possible I don’t watch the movie adaptation until I’m through the book. I am also not a fan of going to the cinema so maybe I’ll just wait until the movie is available on DVD.
  • Linkin Park Live in Manila Review by Yours Truly – Okay so you’re probably not a fan of my favorite band but in case you want to read my review of their concert, feel free to do so. 🙂
  • The Curious Case of the Cuckoo’s Calling – Why It Wasn’t a Success Before We Knew JK Rowling Wrote It – I gotta agree with most of the things stated in this article though. I’ve seen the Cuckoo’s Calling in some blogs before I knew it was JK Rowling who wrote it but I wasn’t really interested in it mainly because of the cover. I’m a horrible reader because I (mainly but not always) judge a book by its cover and at first I wasn’t that interested in it, there, I said it.

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