Adela Arthur and the Creator’s Clock by Judyann McCole

Adela Arthur and the Creator's Clock (The Chronicles of A, #1)Title: Adela Arthur and the Creator’s Clock

Author: Judyann McCole

Genre: YA Fantasy, Adventure

Release Date: July 26th 2013

Source: The Author

Format: ebook (finished copy)*

Purchase: Amazon (Kindle or Paperback)



To Whom Ever This May Concern;
I wish I could tell you the contents of this book were purely fictional. That I, Adela Arthur, was just a normal sixteen year old from Portland and that dragons, giants, elves and mermaids were just myths. I wish these were legends shared from crazy old grandparents to crazy old grandparents around campfires. After all, that is what I used to believe.

I never would have thought they lived on the other side of our mirrors in a world called Cielieu. But they do…

I never would have thought there were humans, better known as Volsin that lived among them with the ability to create light from a single thought. But there are…

I never would have thought I was one of them… But I am…

I am the last Arthur and I was brought to the human world after a Volsin, filled with greed, began to strip the light from our kind.

The human world was supposed to be a safe haven… but he s found us and the only way to stop him is to go back to Cielieu and begin training as a student in the Elpida Castle of Light.

Like I said I wish the contents of this book were purely fictional and not my life..


The first thing that got me interested in reading this book is the blurb. Dragons, elves, magic? Sounds fun, count me in! The cover is also equally fabulous and had a hint of steampunk in it and it seemed the right book for me. I was very excited to read it.

The story revolves around Adela Arthur, she’s just a normal high school girl, or so she thought, until one day a chimera attacked her and her friends. After that she discovered that there is another world on the other side of the mirror called Cielieu. She then embarked on a journey to go back to her own world to find her true self and just maybe, to defeat her evil uncle.

Sadly, believing in ourselves is often too much for most of us to bear. Many fear

themselves and what they could possibly do.

The story is unique but little things about the story reminds me of Harry Potter. Maybe it’s because both Adela and Harry are orphans or the fact that most of the story happened in an awesome magical school.

People always remembered the good that was in another after they were gone. But while people are alive, the good is obscured by emotions.

I spotted a little inconsistency in the characters, especially in Hector, my first impression of him was that he was a timid, shy friend of Adela. But as the story progresses, he becomes more audacious and moody. He doesn’t fit the stereotype that geeky, Mr.-Know-it-all type of guys are shy and awkward, but I really liked that about him because he isn’t just one thing. I can’t help thinking he’s a bit jealous of Adela and Jeremy closeness. I can definitely smell a love triangle in the air, haha!

Oh but I love Jeremy though. He’s very mysterious and I love Adela’s and Jeremy’s bickering, it’s really fun reading about their witty banters. And what’s with the stolen kisses, Jeremy? I know it’s necessary for your powers to work but I can’t help thinking that deep inside, you enjoy kissing Adela. Or maybe it’s just me overthinking.

Another character I really love is Adela’s grandfather. I mean, if you had a fire-breathing dragon for a grandfather, wouldn’t that be so cool? (Pun intended) I can really tell he loves Adela so much and I wish there will be more of him in the second book. What can I say, I have a thing for dragons. I wonder what it would be like if dragons exists in the real world and you could have one as a pet.

Overall, Adela Arthur and the Creator’s Clock is a very fun read, if you want to be swept away into a whole new world of fantasy and epic adventure then you should definitely grab this book. Like, right now!


*I received this book free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

11 thoughts on “Adela Arthur and the Creator’s Clock by Judyann McCole

    • I actually had no idea about the whole scandal until today when I googled it. I genuinely like the book and it’s sad that the author has been attacked by those bullies. Still, we don’t knoww if the story is plagiarized or not but this whole mess is really huge. Wow.

    • The author created multiple sock puppet accounts. I don’t consider what happened to her as being bullied since she knew exactly what she was when contacted Steph and I found the original link to the original story same title as this and all. It was on Wattpad, but she deleted all of her comments and stories. Someone had a link that says the title is no longer in the database but I don’t remember where I found it. It’s based on fanfiction so I wouldn’t consider it to be plagiarism, but publishing makes it plagiarism against Rowling.

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  2. The very hint of a love triangle is enough to turn me away forever. Although, let’s give the author some credit, JK Rowling destroyed literature for magic/witches/worlds, don’t you think? Before HP, it wasn’t as big a deal as it is now, but people are constantly comparing anything magical to HP.

    Just my .02. She had me at elves and dragons also. I really like the name Adela, too.

    • I didn’t expect people would think that way about adventure/fantasy/magic books. When I read fantasy books I don’t constantly compare it to HP, it just so happens that this book reminds me of HP. Oh well, that’s jut me ๐Ÿ™‚

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