GUEST POST: Robyn M. Pierce, the author of Paradox

Hello everyone! Today Robyn M. Pierce is stopping by my blog to do a guest post. She is the author of Paradox, a New Adult book, so be sure to check it out.

Without further ado, here’s Robyn with her guest post. 🙂

A Day in the Life of Robyn Pierce

I always wake up way later than I want to. *laughs* I want to wake up around 8am every day, but I always wind up staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning, so sometimes I don’t wake up until noon. Most of the time, I manage to roll myself out of bed around 10am, though.

The first thing I do when I get out of bed is boot up the computer and check my email. Up until recently, I was waiting to hear back about something very important, so it became a habit to stalk my inbox.

After freshening up, I return to the desk and open up the files I should be working on that day. More often than not, they go untouched — save for a few edits to chapters I wrote weeks ago — and I wind up surfing around the internet, catching up with the drama on Facebook, and feeding my Tumblr addiction for an hour or two.

Lately, around the middle of the day I work on promo images for Darkest Embrace’s re-release, and putting together media kits and whatnot for my novels and novella. Even though I haven’t been writing like a good little author, I have been working on things, so I suppose I’m not overly embarrassed at the lack of progress on my latest WIPs.

After a few hours of being awake, my Canadian friend gets home from work and lures me into a couple games of League of Legends. I play at least two games a day before I feel guilty and go back to working on various things. Sometimes I finish whatever it is that I wanted to work on that day, but a lot of the time, it takes two or three days to get it done. (If I’m coming up on a deadline, I get things done better than when free time is mucking up my schedule.)

Most of my spare time is spent playing with my cats and making sure I’ve caught up on my Tumblr feeds. I really should get a more interesting life. 😛

baa71-pinkbirdParadox CoverTitle: Paradox

Author: Robyn M. Pierce

Genre: New Adult

Purchase: Amazon (Kindle or Paperback), Smashwords

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They knew from the beginning it was wrong.

Everything in her life pointed her away from him.

Everything beckoned him toward her.

When Rachel met Taylor, their connection was immediate and undeniable. With so many things in common, these friends found themselves falling inevitably and too fast to stop. There was but one thing that was between them:

Rachel had a boyfriend.
A year after parting ways, Taylor’s and Rachel’s individual lives have thrust them back toward one another, and the resulting fireworks will leave more than one person burned.


About the Author

Robyn M Pierce

Robyn M. Pierce is an up-and-coming author from Las Vegas, where the night is never-ending. She is a writer of paranormal romance and, now, New Adult romance.

Catch her on Facebook, Twitter, or her website today!

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